Food Review: Sufood


Haven’t heard of many vegetarian restaurants in Singapore actually, Sufood is actually the first vegetarian restaurant I’ve heard of. Being a subsidiary of Putian, I have no qualms on the standard of the food. And after trying their eight course meal, I can safely conclude that I’m right. I do have friends that are vegetarian and its always a challenge trying to find a place to have a meal together. I’m sure Sufood will be one of the favourite place for my vegetarian friends now! I’m not sure if this place is halal, but if there are no meat involved it could be a possible dining place for our muslim friends as well. I was really happy to invited to a food tasting event. 

Before the server took our order, she took the effort to check with us if we consume garlic and onion. Some strict vegetarians do not take strong ingredients like these because it can do damage to their delicate stomach. So, its good to check! After we placed our orders the food came speedily. 

First dish: 



The Sufood Appetiser

We’re suppose to start with the extreme left, which is radish with what seem to taste like raspberry sauce. Very crunchy and tasty. The middle dish was slightly stronger in taste. The sauce tasted a bit peanut-ish but I can’t seem to determine what it is though. The last one is my favourite! Its a bit sourish and jelly like with half a cherry tomato inside. 

Second dish:

Bread sticks, you can catch a glimpse of it in the photo above, but we were all too hungry and we just gobbled it up. There was a sauce that came with it, tasted like honey mustard but its really a great combination. The breadsticks were crunchy yet soft as the same time.

Third dish:

Vinegar, its a light pink clear fluid. Doesn’t taste yucky, just a little bit sour. I suspect its to cleanse our tastebuds for the appetiser and main. I sipped it in between my dishes. 

Fourth dish:


Salad: Mushroom Salad

There were four choices to choose from: Tropical fruit salad, Summer Salad, Mushroom Salad and the classic garden salad. Mushrooms are my favourite! So I had to have them! Cooked to perfection! 

Fifth dish:


Root Soup

There were four choices as well, Cream of pumpkin, mushroom and pea pottage, cabbage and sweet potato stew and the root soup. The last two are the clear soup and the former two are the cream based soup. I like my soup. It was light and the lotus was really crunchy. There were ginkgo nuts in it as well!

Sixth dish:





Macaroni Alfredo Casserole

By the time this dish came, I was already 3/4 and after eating 1/4 of the casserole, I was already filled to the brim. Its really cheesy, with lots of greens in it. Who would have thought a main dish without any meat could taste this good. There were 7 other choices to choose from and I think I would want to try them all if I could. Hahaha. 

The final two dishes:

Sesame Panna Cotta
Mint Herbal Tea

I love all things black sesame! This oriental version of the panna cotta did satisfied the dessert portion of the stomach definitely. If you’re a fan a sesame, go for this! Its milky, silky and creamy! 

The mint herbal tea was meh on the other hand. I was having a pretty bad throat and wanted something to soothe it. But there wasn’t much of a minty taste though. 

All in all, the experience was fabulous. Priced at $25++ its definitely very worth it. I think two girls could share a meal like that and still be filled to the brim. If you’re a vegetarian or simply just want to try out vegetarian food, this place has gotta be first on your list.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
#02-19 (beside esprit)


Let’s go cafe hopping!

We are always on the look out for interesting cafes to visit whenever we are looking for good food. And very often, we only visit a cafe once and we’ll be hopping to another cafe for a different experience the next time round. Personally, I seldom revisit any cafe unless I’m really fond of something there. And here’s the 3 things a cafe need in order to keep me coming back.

1) Great service

And by great service I mean no waitress/waiter giving you the black face. As if you’ve owe them money if your previous life. I mean, I was in the service line before. And your customers wouldn’t bother if you’re having a bad day. You’re on the front line, don’t ruin someone’s day or experience at the place you are at by letting your negativity spill over. 

2) Great food

The memory was something delicious definitely will make me come back for more. Like a delectable creamy runny yolk or soft and fluffy waffle. Great food always need to come with good service I feel. Personally, I will never go back to a place that has bad service. For some, the quality of the food matter more than the service quality. That I don’t deny, its a personal preference kind of thing I’d say. 

3) Acceptable price

Cafehopping is a bad bad hobby that burns a hole in your pocket without knowing it. Those who already have a stable source of income wouldn’t mind spending. But, my mindset is this, how can I keep coming back when each time I come back I need to spend $40 – $50? If I come back every week, I would have spent $200?! If I don’t come back again, maybe I could visit another 2-3 more cafes? 

Here’s are some cafes that I’ve visited recently! If you’re looking for one to visit, probably you can refer to my list!


Assembly Coffee
26 evans lodge
singapore 259367
t: +65 6735 5647

Located just opposite the MOE sports division, its rather inaccessible via public transport I’d say. But the waffles are really yummy. In fact, I thought it was on par with Wimbly’s. Wimbly’s waffle has always been a benchmark for me. The coffee is good as well. Though the cafe is small, it has a cosy feeling. There isn’t any classic eggs benny, but the sandwiches are great though. Not to mention, the people there have friendly smiles! About $35 worth of food in the picture. 


Address: 158 Kallang Way #01-06
Tel: 6743 6893

Situated in the industrial area, this place is probably good for those who works around the area. The carbonara was awesome, the fish and chips was nasty though, tasted like it was fried in reused oil. I really liked my piccolo latte though. We all agreed that if we were in the area, we would probably come back to have their coffee. And well, they operate using a slip of paper to indicate your choice of food. Then you’d have to go to the counter to make your purchase. You don’t need to pay first though, after your food you’d have to make another trip to the counter to make payment. For me, I’d prefer to make payment when I place my order. Much easier isn’t it? Don’t need to make one more trip. About $60 worth of food here!


Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road #01-00
Robertson Quay
Tel: 68364695

Like my friend said, common man at uncommon price. These entire meal cost about 80plus close to 90. Perhaps the price tag was higher due to the generous amount of rocket leaves and organic ingredients they used. No doubt the dishes were delicious, the service was fantastic as well. One of the people there actually came by to check with us how was the food. Well, I guess they cater more the working crowd with the ability to spend. Especially when they are located in an expensive living area. I like how they kept their sugar in an enclosed bottle too, keep it clean I feel. 


Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road
Tel: +65 6223 3426

I find myself constantly recommending this place if any of my friends ask for cafe recommendations. I really like it as it possess all 3 factors that I look for in a cafe. The herb waffles taste constantly lingered in my mind! The prices there are without GST and service charge as well. The menu is nothing fanciful, but it definitely has what it takes to keep me coming back.


Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Tel: +65 6289 1489

This place has mainly sweet stuff. And their main attraction is definitely their waffles. Soft and fluffy, the yumminess is indescribable! Its a pity that they only serve their brunch menu on weekends. Their usual food menu for weekday is very normal I guess. But but but, the desserts… Oh, need I say more? ;) 

Happy cafe hopping! 

Jingle bells Jingle Bells

Every year, I look forward to Christmas. Friends and family come together to celebrate Christmas and I can make pretty cards to send to the people I care about. I love handmade cards and I’ve been sending Christmas cards since I was in secondary school I think. A few years back, I decided to make use of whatever design knowledge I have to make my own Christmas cards and it has been a tradition for me ever since. Definitely, I’ll try to keep it going, as long as I have the free time to do. So, I would like to show you all some of the previous designs I have made.

The Lomo Collection: (2009)

I don’t have a picture of this collection cause I can’t remember where I put the pictures! But I was pretty into lomography in 2009. So I used my toy camera to capture the night lights of orchard road, cross processed the image and used it as images for the Christmas cards. 



The Typographic Collection (2010)

Needless to say, I wanted to refresh my illustrator/photoshop skills since I left school for so long. So I decided to put my typography skills to test since I did not do that well for that module when I was in Poly. Look really amateur I must say, but I did put in my effort. 



The Tree Collection (2011)

I made use of a series of painting I did for a school module. Minimalist painting style of a tree. In a way, it look abstract and I thought it resembled the Christmas Tree. So I documented my art works (Original art works are least A2 size, some larger) and put them into cards. 



The Scrapbook Collection (2012)

This was done just last year. It felt like last month though! Can’t believe one year has passed by just like that. Last year was a simple one because I remember I had exams, and there wasn’t much time left. Furthermore, I only make about 30 cards every year to send out to my friends. So I used stock cards and stickers and including some personalized drawings to combine the two medium together.



A Glittery Christmas (2013)

This year, I have no exams for this semester so I decided to go all out. Initially I wanted to make only 10 designs because 10 has always been the magic number for me, favorite number as well. In the end, I got so engross in doing it a.k.a my OTOT (own time own target) photoshop refresher ‘course’ and ended up with 15 designs. Discarded the 3 non so nice ones and I was left with a dozen. And this year, I decided to extend these cards to people who want to purchase them. Every year, I have friends telling me how pretty my cards are (thank you, these words of encouragement really mean a lot), so I thought I should consider selling them. Furthermore, the money earned could be for a good cause. I had a hard time deciding which organization to donate to. But after much consideration, I’ve decided that I will donate 50% or more of the profits to aid with the relief for Typhoon Haiyan via Red Cross. The receipt for donation will be updated here as well for transparency.


Here are the 12 designs that is available in each set you buy.
Each card measures 14.5 by 10cm and is printed of 250gsm art card (semi-gloss)

Each set is priced at: $32 (inclusive of normal mail)
Each piece is priced at $3 (inclusive of normal mail)

Priority will be given to those who order the full set. I have some in stocks now but I’ll be taking in orders should there be an excellent response. Purchase by per piece will strictly have to be ordered under pre-order (Pre-order closing date will be this coming Sunday).

If you’d like to order, kindly place your order via email.
You can reach me at:



Of parkas and anoraks,

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.00.41 PM

Parka and anorak are actually the same thing. Usually they come with hooded fur to keep warm, but I guess Singapore’s weather is way too hot to be wearing a furred hooded parka to walk around. Parkas are useful for rainy days though, a day at the mall or in school. They sort of jazz up the entire outfit and makes simple ensembles look more chic instead. But if paired wrongly, the combination could look really sloppy. Parkas usually come in the standard form of military green, of course some are grey in colour or have a slight bluish grey tint. Either way, its the length, draw string waist and hood that makes it look really cool I feel. A parka is good investment I feel, here are some looks you can achieve with a parka!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.11.40 PM

1) Parka X Jeans

Parka really goes well with jeans, but you might want to avoid this combination if you’re not going to be in an air conditioned area. Plain jeans work fine, if you want to be a bit more adventurous, try the look with a printed jeans like polka dots or leopard prints. Try to avoid floral jeans I would say, you wouldn’t want to look like you just came out of the jungle. Also, this combination gives you a reason to finally buy that pair of ankle booties. You can cuffed up your jeans a little to make sure it sits nicely on the boots. Together with a simple loose tank, bucket bag and shades you can strut on the streets.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.16.21 PM

2) Parka X Denim Shorts

Denim shorts will be good especially then the weather is hot here, hot in the morning suddenly raining in the evening. If you’re wearing a plain t-shirt, you might want to add a bit of accessories like a loose long necklace. If you’re planning to rock this combination, please remember not to zip up your parka, wouldn’t want to risk looking like a flasher. With those studded wedge sneakers, this is a look you can carry to school without looking too sloppy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.21.29 PM

3) Parka X Tank Dress

If you’re really out of ideas on what to wear for a Sunday Brunch or trip to the dentist, grab that basic tank dress you have in your wardrobe and jazz it up with the parka. Try to avoid wearing flip flops with the parka as it might make the combination look overly casual. If you’re worried that you still look plain you can try wearing and stacking those gold rings and bangles. Good to carry that mini sling bag as well! Oh, remember to avoid carrying a red bag with a green tone park, you wouldn’t want to look like a christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.34.28 PM

4) Parka X Body con skirt

If you’re the more girly kind and cannot avoid wearing your skirts, I’m happy to say that parka goes well with skirts as well! Especially if its the time of the month and you want still want to wear that body con skirt without showing your panty line, a parka does the covering up well! If you’re wearing high waisted body con skirt you could match it with a cropped top as well! Be more adventurous and go for colours that pop! Like neon pink or yellow. Keep your bag and shoes simple, because the stripy body con skirt and cropped top is sufficient for a chic look.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 4.12.47 PM5) Parka X Jeggings/Leggings

Leggings has been around for quite some time, I think it is still alright to wear them. No, I don’t think they are out of trend. Because they are so comfortable! Especially if you have a pair of toned legs, why not flaunt them in the leggings? Do wear a longer top to cover up the crotch area, showing your um-you-know-what is actually not very sexy in my opinion. Throw on a pair of comfy sneakers and a cute tote bag, you’re ready to go! If you’d like you could pair it with your snapback cap and gold watch, super swag I would say!

Of course, these are not they only ways you can style a parka, feel free to experiment! Some times combinations look so different when worn as compared to them being laid down. Try! Be adventurous! Everyone has their fair share of bad fashion day, don’t like that get to you! Just be youself!

Have a good week ahead!


It’s already the mid of September! Time really flies, in no time 2013 will be gone. Here to share my take on the denim x denim trend and how to go about rocking it without trying too hard ;) So basically, you would want to have some depth despite wearing the same material. 

1) Choose denim of different shades to pair with.



Pair a light denim jacket with a dark denim well cut jeans. Together with a cute graphic tee, be it Batman, or if you like Hello Kitty, it brings out the cartoon fan in you. Keep the rest of your accessories simple, stick to either gold or silver. If your bag has gold ware, stick to gold accessories and vice versa. Paired with your most comfortable sneakers, take this look anywhere, to the museum or a day at Starbucks just chilling and reading your favourite book. You can ditch the denim jacket anytime when the weather calls for it. 

2) Keep it clean.



Similarly to the previous one, if you’re wearing light coloured bottoms, pair it with a dark coloured denim outerwear. This look is more a silver ware look as compare to the previous gold ware look. Not a fan of shoes that hurt me lately, go anywhere in a pair of good flats and walk for as long as you want. This is an easy look to carry to school as well!

3. Play with printed denim.




You can pair plain denim with printed denim to further emphasize the denim and denim look. Prints like polka dot are really easy to match. Especially when the weather is hot, you can wear the high waisted denim shorts with the tie front denim top to show off a little skin. I love high waisted bottoms because they can hide the tummy fats. Also, it prevents me from overeating :p Together with the high waist shorts, you might want to take out that high cut sneakers or wedged sneakers that you’ve been thinking what to wear with. 

4. Make use of different textures.





You can match coated denim with uncoated to further differentiate the two denim layers. Use your light weighted denim shirt as an outerwear to fully justify your denim shirt purchase! If you don’t want to risk looking too effortless i.e never put effort, you can throw on that cute bowler hat. Especially useful if you’re having bad hair day. 

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 


Do give yourself ample time to try out different denim on denim look. A little bit of shade difference can make a big difference. You can also wear your light weighted denim shirt as a proper top, go preppy by buttoning up the collar. If you have those fancy collar clips, you might want to put them to use as well. This look is the easiest to achieve I’d say, so start from this if you’re new to wearing entire denim outfits. ;)

Do drop me an email/comment if you’d wish to see certain fashion trends being explored. I’d love to give my take on it! Also, if there’s any other topics you’d like me to talk about, feel free to let me know! 

flounce, flowy, ruffles, all things frilly


Drop waist skirts, flounce skirts, flowy skirts, pencil skirts with frills – I don’t exactly know the exact term for this but I’d prefer to go with the term ‘flounce skirt’, because they bounce and they flounce. These are the perfect cute mini skirt nowadays, perfect for the hot summer weather, awesome for the hot days or rainy days in Singapore. I hope these come in more yummy colours as well as fancy prints! Was wondering how I would want to wear my pair of flounce skirt, so I thought I might as well share my ideas on how to wear a pair of flounce skirt – drop waist skirt – pencil skirts with frills.



Look 1: The Floral Bustier Top, this could be your regular corset top as well. It will help you enhance your figure as well as bring out the waist. For this to work well, your skirt needs to be high waist as well. Do a colour block with the colour of your skirt. In this case, the yellow envelope clutch stands out against the blue colour palette apparel. Coupled with some gold or rose gold accessories and a strappy sandal in tan colour, you’re good to go!


Look 2: The monochromatic striped trend from the previous season! Don’t waist it. Shirts goes well with flounce skirt actually. With the loose top silhouette, it helps to balance the top and the bottom. If you have a printed flounce skirt, go with a plain top and vice versa. For accessories, go with the black or white ones as it compliments the striped top. Let the flounce skirt be the star by not having any accessories in the same colour as the skirt. With a simple watch such as a Daniel Wellington, you’re ready to rock to look!


Look 3: The cream knit pullover. Perfect for days in an air conditioned environment! Be it a day full of lectures in the lecture hall or a day out shopping at the malls. The cream knit pull look can be put together within seconds! Together with your regular shopping bag and a pair or shoes that are leopard printed or floral printed, loafers will work well if you’re out shopping. Great to take off and on to try on other new buys ;) Keep accessories to a minimum with a simple gold chained watch or necklace, both if you like!


Look 4: The striped raglan top. Actually plain raglans will work as well. This is a very laid back look. Easy to put together as well. Especially if you’re just heading out to somewhere near for a lunch. Together with your classic colour block strappy sandals and a cute printed tote bag. You could also pair this simple look with the unique shades that you’ve been hiding in your drawer. The cat eye one or the heart shape one, i think it matches well with the cutesy flounce skirt.


Look 5: The bralet. Printed or not, you’ll definitely need some abs to pull this off. A motivation for people like me who don’t have abs. Time to hit the gym! If you’re more conservative, you could pair it with a blazer and you’d look apt for any occasion. Bralet and blazer, sexy and you can keep warm at the same time. If you’re feeling hot (no pun intended), you could just take it off, hang it off your shoulders or your arm. Platform wedges will also go well with this ;)


Look 6: Another easy look to carry off, any simple bat wing top could work, don’t need to be textured actually. Because the entire look is simple, you could rock your gladiator sandals with this! Keep accessories to be minimum with a simple satchel bag in a solid colour and muted accessories such as a black leather watch and minimalistic ear rings.



Look 7: With the strappy loose top. Many of the looks here are pair with comfort footwear because I love wearing flats. They’re so comfortable and I can walk for as long as I want. Especially on hot days, this entire outfit is really cooling. Pair your flounce skirt with a flowy strappy silk or satin top tucked in. With a classic pair or sandals, and your balenciaga bracelet or bracelet watches and a nice clutch, you’re good to go for a sunday brunch with your girlies. Doesn’t matter if its al fresco seating because the heat is not an issue! I think the holographic shades works great, especially if you have to conceal the sleepy eyes from the late night partying on Saturday night. 

Well, I hope this post has been useful to those who have just acquired a new flounce skirt or are looking for ideas on how to justify your buy. For those who don’t own one, I hope you’re tempted to get one now!

Drop me an email / comment if you’d like to see other fashion ideas or any other information you’d like to know. I will try to keep this space update! :)